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Real World Productions in full partnership with Gauteng based Popup Event Mess & Co. Roving Kitchen.

Real World partners Ronel Sevior and Derick van Biljon has joined forces with Social Club Mess & Co. hosting bespoke entertainment evenings in Gauteng and South Africa at large. Opperating since June 2013, Mess & Co has established itself as a major player in the popup food phenomena. Evenings always include live entertainment, great food, world class wine and the awesome company of the Mess Social Club. Join the CLUB

Since 2013, Real World Productions has been working in partnership to produce African Content for Boston Based media company MMP. Bloomberg titles such as ‘Modern Living with Kathy Ireland’, and 21st Century’s Business TV with Donald Trump Jr. are among the titles we have been commissioned on.

Most recently we covered tour operator Africa4us in Namibia, and Macanyane Lodge in the Timbavati Reserve near Hoedspruit for ‘Modern Living’ - Bloomberg